SEO Cheat-Sheet [174 Links]

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SEO Cheat-Sheet [174 Links]

2 ratings

I have been working with SEO (my portfolio) for more than 6 years now.

During this time, I have gone through many different resources - from misleading blogs to life-saving WordPress plugins.

It takes time to find the right tools, podcasts, newsletters, or valuable courses.

I took the LONG path of checking everything myself as when I started - there were no resources like this.

However, YOU don't have to take this long route of discovery!

Save time with this SEO cheat-sheet and start using the best resources from the start.

You will find all my recommended resources to learn from or use straight away!

Who is this eBook for?

1. Indie hacker, bootstrapper, or anyone who wants to learn SEO and apply that knowledge themselves on their own projects.

2. SEO beginner, who wants to learn more about SEO, tools, and use the best tools from the start.

3. If you work with SEO already, then this collection of tools will expand your horizon with more useful resources and tools that you haven’t heard before.

So, What's Exactly Inside This eBook?

The PDF contains 174 links which are broken into 17 categories.

These are exact tools or resources I use, have used in the past, or highly recommend them to you!

However, for some of you 174 may sound overwhelming - don't worry, I got you covered! Each section has several of my TOP recommended links, so you can start with the best resources straight away 🙂

Check out all categories below 👇

What is Your Skill Level in SEO or Marketing?


You will find plenty of resources to start learning. From podcasts, SEO blogs, FREE courses, or SEO blogs.


Find less known tools and software to use. Discovery new newsletters on the market or dive deep into WordPress plugins and start implementing them right away. Expand your list of resources!

I want this!

PDF with 174 SEO & Marketing links

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